Faire D'Ophelia

by Faire D'Ophelia

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A Celtic/Medieval/Folk Album, blending acoustic guitars,harp,piano,and female vocals


released May 4, 2012

Written by Peter Zantey,Bernadette Zantey,Rebecca Haynes



all rights reserved


Faire D'Ophelia Lismore, Australia

Faire D'Ophelia is the trio of Peter & Bernadette Zantey. and Rebecca Haynes.They write and perform Acoustic Celtic/Folk/Medieval Music.

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Track Name: Death Of A Maiden
Chorus Oh my love, oh my love Has gone far away, has gone far away I wish the day would come When my love would return With every passing day I sit alone and pray Chorus Then news came from afar They pierced my lover’s heart A top the castle wall This note after my fall Oh my love, oh my love Has gone forever, has gone forever
Track Name: Rainbow Bridge
In the solace Of the silence in the midst… Of dreamwake Falls into a trance She travels landscapes A time she long forgot She remem…bers Lilies of ..the fields… 2 The wind whispers Her name come sweet chi-ld Take your fill… The garden is yours and the Flowers of romance Are beckon…ing… 2 Across the rainbow Bridge there lies a pearl O - f great price There are those who seek to Find it through the Byways o…f the mind
Track Name: The Gallows
They dragged her through the thickened fog Through the forest unveils disguise Saturated by rain and tears Into this village and their eyes Trial of the first Lancashire witch I heard her screaming – Ah, ah…. Her mudsoaked cloak drags on the path Of which foretells her morbid fate The gallow stares a burning hate The village crowd erupts elate Trial of the first Lancashire witch We heard her screaming – Ah, ah… SOLO – BREAK X2 – SPACE (no strings) Voices scream for her to burn Her eyes yearning to forgive Crime delivers her to hang She calls out she wants to live Trial of the first Lancashire witch Burning and screaming – Ah, ah x 4 Solo Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Track Name: On & On
Im, standing here, I cant find my way Back to where, I was meant to be Im alone, no one else around But myself, no solution found You say to me, as you call my name Could it be, that we’re both the same Time will tell, if we’re right or wrong Cant stop now, have to linger On and on and on x3 There is a place, that I know Come, take my hand, and we’ll go I’ll, lead the way, don’t be scared There, is nothing, hidden there There, comes a time, in your life When you, have to find What you want to do With yourself, ask nobody else Up to you, as we go On and on and on x3 Harp solo, On and on and on x6
Track Name: Lady Melancholy
Upon the hills I kneel Snow blankets the sun I shiver in my cloak of red My heart beats for the one The rose has been wilted Last petals drop He turned his back on me Our love he wished to stop Chorus: River flows down the hill Towards the ocean deep Carry my tears away I’ll be forever here The new world has spoken The sirens called his heart The hull carried him away From here he did depart Chorus – Bridge – Chorus I’ll throw away my heart The sea for to keep The tide swell caress my skin To rock me asleep
Track Name: The Abyss
My path leads me to the darkest quarters My soul thirsts to find the morning sun I once walked upon the stones of fire I once was a high and mighty one Chorus I am the dark, I am the ancient Harken to me, the father of sin I eat from the tree of thorns and thistles I drink from the cup, the blood of the saints I give to my brethren, nothing but falsehood I solemnly promise to lead them astray Chorus Verse no vocals Partake of my fruit, your eyes shall be opened Forsake your traditions and cross the Abyss Chorus
Track Name: Maiden Of The Night
She stares at you with burning eyes So subtle with deceptive lies Alluring victims with her charm A gentle touch, she means no harm Within the forest there she plays With deadly serpents through the day A flame in the night sky, her true colours show Draws you towards her, you just don’t know She’s the maiden of the night x2 She sits on top of a nightmare As she rides the rainbow skies The veil is torn to pieces You can see the brother of all time Dancing through fire, a figure of flames Enchantress searching and calling your name Under her spell, your losing your mind, road of the dead your walking blind Chorus x4
Track Name: The Keeper
Hear me now, my noble prince The one who guards my soul Bring down terror, upon all those Who have buried me in thought As for truthful guilty ones That laughed and scorned at me Lead them to the land of hate Forget them, leave them be If they wish for sympathy And weep they may be free My noble prince remind them Of what they did to me
Track Name: Anna Bolina
You thought you had it under control
But how were you to know?
This crying child, a rising sun
A rose can still draw blood
You used up all your energy
Being who he thought you ought to be

Sommeil, Belle Reine
Anna Bolina
Rêve, Belle Reine
Anna Bolina

The sun that shone upon your skin
Took its light and cast upon
A beauty far more fair than you
There’s nothing you can do

His wandering eyes have magnified
The glory of your hated rival
Step down from your gilded throne
Move over for the new beloved


If you stay inside yourself
Maybe you won’t feel lonely
The tower holds you prisoner
The stonewalls keep you cold

It’s the scaffold for you, my queen,
Riches won’t save you now
Your beauty captured his eyes,
Now it’s condemning you to die,